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Magical Picture – service for creating photos that come to life!

Using the website and mobile application Magical Picture you can bring any photo to life in just a few minutes. You can bring a flat image to life, no matter where it is, all you need is a suitable video and a smartphone.
Live photos are a good way to make money for photographers, videographers and anyone else who can figure out how to use it.
But you can simply please your friends and loved ones with an original gift, or enliven your photographs, posters or pictures from a photo book.
Live photos
How do photos come to life?

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Download and install the application Magical Picture
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Scan the QR code with the app.

How it works?

The basis for live photos is the so-called"pair" - photography and video. Mobile application createdёt the effect of a photo come to life, replacing a photo with a video. And you can see photos come to life on the screen of your smartphone.
Magical Picture offers a complete solution for creating and distributing live photos. and mobile applicationMagical Picture work together. The site contains a simple and functional office for creatingAR-photos, and the mobile application is a convenient tool for viewing ready-made live photos.
Who is this for?

Augmented Reality Ideas

Who are live photos for?

To the school photographer

Bring to life the photos in a traditional graduation album - you'll get guaranteedWOW-effect and additional orders.

affiliate program

Clients can bring their photos to life themselves. And you can make a profit without spending time and effort.

For young parents

Bring photos to life in your child's photo book. Use new technology. A live photo is impressive now, and it will look even more interesting in 20 years.

Back from vacation?

Bringing travel photos to life will delight you and your friends. Everyone will definitely like this, a modern way to preserve emotions and memories.

Advertising agencies

Unique presentations, exhibitions and conferences with augmented reality. Create an unforgettable digital experience for your guests using interactive technologyAR.
Can I also animate the photo?

Yes. It's simple!

Register and log into your personal account. In your account you can manage your albums - createQR codes, upload photos and videos.
You can bring any flat image to life. To prepare a photo, you need to have an image that we will animate, a smartphone and instructions. For the video you will need imagination and again a smartphone. I believe that you will succeed!
After downloading the pairs, in the mobile application you can see how your photos come to life. If you don’t like something, just delete the video pair, make changes and upload it again. Add, delete, crop videos and include video pairs. All this is done in the office with one click.
All that remains is to remove the watermarks. To do this, you need to top up your balance from your bank card and enable the required pairs. Live photos without a watermark will be stored for the next 50 years, that is, forever. Unpaid videos are stored on the server for 1 month.

When you want to look at your photos, after many years, you will have to download the application again, it will be waiting for you in the application market, and live photos will be carefully stored on our servers.

Features of the service

Our advantages

Our advantages
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Order live photos.

  • Register and log into your personal account
  • Upload your photos and videos
  • Look at the result in the mobile application
  • If you don't like something, delete the pair and upload another one
  • Top up your balance and turn on the required number of live photos
Live photos

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