About us

🧙 Magic picture - This is the magic of photographs come to life. We create magical images by combining your photo with video. Live photography will preserve your emotions for many years.

We invite you to download our free application, available for smartphones on platformsiOS AndAndroid. Using the appMagic picture you can view and createAR photos, show them to friends and acquaintances and receive rave reviews.

🤳 All created Live Photos are stored onAmazon, do not take up extra space in your smartphone and always remain available. Our application is very easy to use and is suitable for both professional and amateur photographers.

If you have any questions about how to take a live photo, check outwith instructions or ask a question online. Our consultants will answer all your questions, and designers will help improve the quality of photographs, perform gluing and color correction.

💎 We bring to life all original ideas in photography, make pictures alive and dynamic, delight and impress those who view the photos and save the best moments in life. Augmented reality is a combination of photographs and short videos that convey the mood of your most pleasant moments.

Add-on for live photos
Add-on for live photos